dex drive save files

If you don't have a dex, you should know this:
the .gme file is a copy of the whole memory card and
it is always a 131 kb file.
To make the files you see hosted I had to
save the whole card and then delete the surplus
game info off.
I didn't gameshark anything and the files are
all bug-free.
If you save from Dex to PS1 to PS2 mem card,
the PS1 game in a PS2 machine won't always
know to read data from the PS2 card...
but you can copy from PS2 card back to PS1 card
and play away.
confusing, huh?
the resident evil file has:
- RE DC Chris at beginning of game with unlimited magnum 
  on "arrange." (I earned this)
- RE 2 Claire A - with key for costume
- RE 2 Leon A - with key for costume
- RE 2 Hunk 4th survivor
- RE 3 12 completions on Hard, all epilogues, and 
merc ranks Mikhail A, Carlos A, and my
Nicholai is saved as a fucking C because I
made more money on the C run than my previous 
B rank and it saved over the fucking thing! 
(I have saved all 6 hostages with him once)

the castlevania file has 187% richter + 200% alucard
the front mission 3 has 354 hours and 3 completions with
nearly all pilots knowing all skills
the final fantasy file defies description
and has more than you would believe.
one of them has FF7 data with vincent and
some other people jacked up to 255 attributes
in all categories. that took a long time.
Parasite Eve 1 has two junk guns.
Parasite Eve 2 has 4 completions.
Xenogears has everything. really.
Vagrant Story has several completions and
a Damascus Oval Shield... I think.
I gave up on making a Damscus Hoplite Shield
like 3 runs before I got it.